By Taylyn Washington-Harmon

Toro y Moi releases the most awkwardly relaxing music video ever.

“Say That” is the second single from the upcoming album Anything in Return out Jan. 22 by Toro y Moi, the indie synth wave solo project of Chaz Bundick. With calming natural imagery, Bundick takes us on a ride through the most hipster video we’ve ever seen, featuring dance moves that only lend to that distinction.

The video opens with a distant Chaz Bundick standing on a hill that’s disturbingly similar to the Teletubbies’ hill, soon switching to various lake and forest images. We’re brought back to Bundick calmly, seductively singing to us awkwardly through the bushes. Playing everything from city kid to a human sloth, Bundick is creative with the video, leaving me with a feeling like I’ve watched a movie about Bob Ross paintings.

I must ask: is this art, or as some YouTubers are saying, “one giant American Apparel ad?”