By Annie Licata
Editor in chief

20 Watts’ editor in chief caught up with Jesse Miller, bassist for the instrumental electronic jam rock band Lotus, on the phone in preparation for the band’s upcoming show at the Westcott Theater on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

20 Watts: Build, the new album, drops Feb. 13. How is it different from the last?

Jesse Miller: This album is like a studio recording of a live show. It’s got a lot of instrumentals and it’s layered. It’s also more electric, and it never really comes down to a low energy.

20W: How does the band make it seem like a live show during recording?

JM: It goes in a different direction. There’s a certain energy where stuff flows within the arrangement. There’s something to be said about an album that is similar to the live show.

20W: Can you find it on Spotify?

JM: Yeah, people can get it from all different spots. I want people to buy the vinyl. It’s always disheartening when someone streams it off Spotify. Obviously my goal is for people to listen but also for people to hear it the way it is supposed to be heard.

20W: So is this tour to help promote your new album?

JM: Yes. It covers the whole country — we are going to 46 states. We’ll play some older stuff, and also some things from the album.

20W: How do the shows on this tour differ from the festivals you normally play?

JM: Well, with a festival you have 10,000 to 20,000 people. That energy is just indescribable. But at the smaller shows we definitely have a wider variety of songs. They are definitely different experiences.

20W: What about the upcoming show at the Westcott?

JM: I’d say get tickets in advance. We haven’t played SU in a while. We’re really proud of the album and I think people should give it a listen.

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