By Shannon Collins

Myspace’s new layout and increased networking capabilities could make it relevant again.

For a while, Myspace was the laughing stock of the social media world. It has long been associated with horribly moody photos complemented with generic backgrounds and bands desperately trying to make it. But those days are long gone. With the recent re-launch of Myspace, social media and music have a new playground in which to run rampant.

The most obvious change for those of you who had a Myspace account back in the day when Fall Out Boy was still relevant — besides the newly-lowercased “s” in the name, of course — is the layout. It seems to be more tablet-friendly, since the scrolling goes left to right. Everything’s modern, clean, and easy to navigate — great for discovering music.

Discovery is really the driving force behind the new Myspace. With the “discover” option, users can choose whether to browse artists, movies, or pretty much anything else and find out about new and upcoming things. For music lovers and consumers, it’s a really cool new way to expand music libraries.

Connectivity is also what sets the new Myspace apart. People can link with artists and vice versa — artists can track their fans and find out fan demographics more easily. If they want, artists can leak music to only certain fans.

The future of Myspace is definitely one to watch. It offers many new features that other social media platforms could be soon to follow.