By Joey Cosco
Front-of-book editor

Chicago pop punk legend Fall Out Boy joins the long list of artists returning to the stage in 2013.

Today, Fall Out Boy released a new single and announced a return from hiatus in the form of a new album and tour for 2013. The Chicago pop-punkers have been on hold since fall 2009, just after releasing their first greatest hits compilation, Believers Never Die. Since then, the four rockers have split in three different directions, all keeping busy with projects spanning multiple genres.

The experience the group gained from the time apart is evident in the new single, which is further away from pop punk than anything Fall Out Boy has produced. “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” sounds like an arena rock track, from the heavy steady drums to the hand claps to the soaring, simple chorus. The heavy guitar sounds seem to throw back to every era of Fall Out Boy’s history while still sounding strikingly different from past material. Lead singer Patrick Stump belts Pete Wentz’s clever lyrics just like he did in the good old days, though the pair seems to have a different sort of edge than before.

The arena rock sound is more than appropriate, as the new album, due out May 6 and 7, is titled Save Rock and Roll.