By Elise DeEsso

New mobile and Facebook app Bandsintown uses your library to point you in the direction of your favorite artists’ shows, and to others in the area you might enjoy.

How many times have you received that devastating text from your friend saying, “Dude, I can’t believe we missed that show last night”? For many of you music fanatics, this trend may have become a bit too familiar for your liking and might even leave yourself questioning your fanhood. But fear not. In today’s world of growing technology, app developers have gifted music lovers with an app sure to not only save the day by pointing you in the direction of your favorite act’s next local show, but also one that can point you toward some gigs you might not have thought to check out. This app is called Bandsintown.

Originally created in 2007, this app was generated to provide artists with a faster and more efficient way to provide fans with dates of upcoming shows in their area. Since then, the app’s popularity has taken a turn from being as popular as post-Beatles Ringo to becoming one of the top free concert-discovery apps on both Facebook and on handheld devices.

With a user-friendly interface, the mobile app makes it easy for its users to navigate where their favorite artists are playing based on the user’s location. Once a location is set, this innovative application formulates a “tracked artist” list based on the music library of the user’s smartphone. Immediately after the list is created, users have the choice to select whether or not the shows found are based entirely off of their tracked artists or — and here’s the really cool part — a recommended artist database as well.

In addition to mobile usage, the app also connects to your Facebook account, giving you the chance to RSVP to shows and inevitably brag about them on your friends’ newsfeeds. Bandsintown even provides an extremely organized list of your upcoming shows, giving you the ability to be sure you won’t ever have to send the infamous “I missed that show” text ever again.

App on, bitches!

  • Bandsintown is the real deal! Anyone who doesn’t use it is like totally stuck in the mid 2000s.
    Or something.