By Tara Schoenborn

Chris Wallace, former lead singer of The white Tie Affair, left indie behind to venture into the pastures of pop.

Although we hate to admit it, sometimes jamming out to the Top 40 in defiance of hipsters is necessary for a music junkie’s sanity. Now, some musicians are doing the same by ditching their indie band roots and flying solo for the pop world.

One of these artists is Chris Wallace. Nope, not that Chris Wallace. This one is the former lead singer of indie pop band The White Tie Affair, a band most famous for its song “Candle (Sick and Tired).” After The White Tie Affair called it quits in 2012, Wallace decided to move on and released a Top 40 hit last fall called “Remember When.” The single climbed to No. 1 on NYC radio station Z100, which is an incredible achievement for a little-known artist worthy of discussion.

Wallace has changed his sound a lot. Instead of sighing out breathy, soft indie vocals, he is now a typical pop star – high vocals, upbeat rhythm, and heavy synth. Instead of being concerned with the tightness of his chords or difficulty of guitar rifts, Wallace has shifted his focus and now concentrates on the catchiness of the lyrics and danceability of the beat. Essentially, he’s become a bit of a washed-up pop star already.

But not all is lost. For starters, Wallace has given us another great song to get down to on the dance floor. And it’s extremely difficult for someone who is on the outer edge of the music scene to burst into the spotlight so suddenly. Within six weeks, Wallace’s followers on Twitter nearly doubled. The reason for this success could be the relatable lyrics combined with an upbeat dance vibe. “Remember When” talks about a time in your life when you just want to go back and do it all again, a universal sentiment.

It will be interesting to see if Wallace can keep cranking out hits. He has the vocal talent and songwriting capabilities to stay on top and become a male Katy Perry. For his sake, let’s hope so because as fun and upbeat as his song is, the music industry turns tables easily and very soon may be on to the next one hit wonder. In the meantime, Wallace is one to watch.