By Tom Charles
Features editor

ESF indie pop band The Vanderbuilts releases its first single and music video.

The primarily-ESF-student-composed baroque pop quintet The Vanderbuilts released their first single Thursday, Feb. 14. It’s called “I Wish I Was a Saber Toothed Tiger,” and it comes in promotion of their forthcoming self-released sophomore LP, What We Forget. On it, Aya Yamamoto’s quivering violin accentuates songwriter Sam Kogon’s whimsical voice before the track shifts to resemble something of a progressive rock effort, switching between time signatures and utilizing everyone’s favorite squealing moog synth texture. Lyrically, the song reflects a drive to live in simpler times (with even harsher weather than Syracuse!), a time before man bogged the Earth down. Kogon longs for the free majesty and intimidating prowess of, you guessed it, a saber toothed tiger while hinting at embarrassment over today’s day and age.

A claymation music video accompanied the song’s release. Created by Sessa Lund, the film depicts a clay blob’s metamorphosis into some sort of upright-walking creature. At the start of the song, Kogon sings “Sleep with one eye open/ This much I’ll warn you/ Deep in the forest a tiger’s hungry/ He may try and eat the whole country.” The only problem is he quickly realizes there’s not much to eat! The beast wonders alone through the tundra (or is it a desert?) before ultimately receding back into itself, perhaps in realization that these fanciful days of years prior aren’t so glamorous after all.

What We Forget, recorded in Connecticut’s Carriage House Studios, is due March 1.