By Tara Schoenborn

Folk sisters CocoRosie keep it strong and weird in the duo’s fist single, ‘Gravediggress,’ from the upcoming album ‘Tales of a Grass Widow.’

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“Freak folk” U.S. indie band CocoRosie recently released its first single “Gravediggress” from its upcoming fifth LP Tales of a Grass Widow, and it does not disappoint.

Keeping with the two Casady sisters’ traditional freaky dream pop sound, the song opens with an eerie harp and chimes. The song is surprisingly similar to CocoRosie’s previous stuff, such as the hit “Lemonade.” While “Lemonade” is a lot slower and has more focus on the piano and lyrics than “Gravediggress” does, both songs contain the same elements, including the mash of multiple electronic layers, that give both songs the same creepy, out-of-this world vibe.

The two sisters manage to blend gothic and pop into something surprisingly steady and effective, even if the result sounds a little crazy. The weirdest thing about all of their songs is even though they are haunting and seem like could be about the saddest or most tragic things imaginable, all of them sound kind of uplifting and happy, somehow. Once you get past the unconformities of the band’s sound and strip down to the musical composition, you realize that it is actually brilliantly composed and nearly flawless.

Furthermore, CocoRosie’s lyrics are honest and emotional. Although sometimes masked by the outrageous combinations the album features, there is a nice mix of strength and fragility in all of the songs. CocoRosie mixes subtle traditional instruments with newer electronic techniques, which makes it really engaging to listen to. CocoRosie may come off as frightening, exotic, hallucinatory, and strange, but there is no doubt it is equally brilliant. Be on the look for the band’s next album, Tales of a Grass Widow, coming out May 27.