By Rebecca J. Shafer

Marshall Street Records’ ‘Electrocuse: Vol. 3’ showcases the top DJs at Syracuse University.

It’s no secret EDM has blown up in recent years, and the craze is inspiring members of the Syracuse community to get in on the action and start creating their own psychedelic beats. If you’re looking for proof Syracuse-based DJs and producers are truly talented, check out Electrocuse: Vol. 3. It’s a digital mix tape that features 9 tracks from 8 DJs, released on March 18 by Marshall Street Records.

While most of the tracks are computer-produced, jam band Lee Terrace provides a fresh start to the album by creating the same kinds of sounds with standard instruments – a rarity in the world of electronica. The rest of the album showcases some of the most talented DJs in the Syracuse area dropping beats that range in genre from techno to trance to house. Select songs off the album reminded me of tracks by DJs as well known as Tiesto and Hardwell.

What’s also impressive about Electrocuse: Vol. 3 is every track on the album sounds tight and professional. It’s not hard to imagine them blaring through the speakers at a house party or a Westcott show. That said, any one of the featured DJs getting recognized in the EDM scene wouldn’t be a surprise.

Electrocuse: Vol. 3 is an easy way to get to know some of the musical talent we’ve got right here in Syracuse – so be sure to give it a stream. And be on the lookout for these talented dudes, in addition to the Lee Terrace band members: JonKane, Binyamin, Chris Baugh, Nate Stien, Mike Smiroldo, Greg Golterman, and Pete Quintana. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing their names around more and more in upcoming years.