By Tara Schoenborn

Ballerina Black’s ‘Injureless (Blå)’ sits at the crossroads of synth music and punk.

Who knew SoCal could produce music that is SoDark? Contrasting with Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” or even the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Dani California,” LA’s post-punk Ballerina Black dropped its EP Injureless (Blå) earlier this month and fans cannot stop raving about its ominous and powerful songs. The weird mix of synth, translucent vocals, and loud bass create this dark, melancholy music that is clearly 80s-inspired. Each song on the track is different, but all have a mix of dark and uplifting that defines Ballerina Black. The opening track, “Cannot Feel the Reign” has a drumbeat that dissolves into heavy synth, giving the song more depth and darkness. The lead singer’s breathy vocals add to the sense of eeriness and give off a definite punk vibe.

Japanese Title,” on the other hand, also has a strong drumbeat, but the piano introduced in this track as a support to the guitar uses a completely different element to ultimately create the same sound. The band has come a long way since its debut album Cattle Arithmetic. While the first album sounded more like something the Cure would have made in its final years, Injureless (Blå)  sounds most similar to bands like Bloc Party or The Foreign Resort. What makes Ballerina Black so cool is that instead of being influenced by the popular music stylings of LA, it blends 80s punk with modern, mainstream sounds. Instead of trying to stay away from electronics, it integrates them to create a very grungy but new sound. Check out the EP and tell us what you think. Does the band give pop punk a good name or is it just another LA wannabe?

  • I love Ballerina Black. I don’t understand the “LA wannabe?” reference. I listen to emerging local bands from nearly every state and LA has the most diverse collection of artists! Why wouldn’t it that’s where people of all walks of life migrate. So, no they are not a “wannabe” they are influenced like every band and they are Ballerina Black!