By Roland Cody Jr.

Brooklyn rapper and former SU student gaVen heVy released the single ‘Crab Legs,’ part of his “INeverRapped2BCool’ movement.

Another day, another movement. A former Syracuse University student, the 22-year-old rapper gaVen heVy, hailing from Brooklyn, NY urges us all to move with his “INeverRapped2BCool” movement on his latest single “Crab Legs.”

Musically, I’m not sure how sold I am on the track. It errs on the side of boredom, and if you’re not paying attention to the lyrics, you might just miss the whole point of the song while waiting for something else to grab your attention.

Thankfully, though, heVy can spit. He leaves no doubt to whether or not he is lyrically gifted as he laces the pretty basic beat with slick rhymes, complemented by a consistent flow that fits damn near perfectly.

Don’t get me wrong, when I say “pretty basic beat,” that is no shot at producer Jake One. In this case, less was more. One obviously knew what he was doing when he pieced this track together. It kind of takes you back to sometime between the mid-80s and the early-90s, and that’s hardly ever a bad thing.

“Crab Legs,” which lasts for two minutes and 45 seconds, is pretty short; the two verses and repetitive chorus leave you wanting more. Given the lyrical ability of heVy, a third verse would’ve definitely given this track a boost.

Above all, the message is more positive than we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from hip-hop these days. There are no references degrading women, bragging about cash, or glorifying the use of molly as a date rape drug. “Rolling green” is the worst you’ll get, and I’ll let you be the judge of the evils of that one.

As heVy mentions in his first verse, “This is dedicated to the little who respect it,” so don’t feel bad if the song isn’t for you. Given the state of movements these days, however, if you’re looking for one to move with, then “INeverRapped2BCool” is one worth considering.