By Roland Cody Jr.

Ke$ha, Trey Songz, and Drop City Yacht Club put the “party” in this year’s Block Party.

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If the unorthodox lineup kept you away from Block Party 2013, I honestly can’t blame you, but  I will tell you that you missed out on a pretty damn good party. After seeing the names Drop City Yacht Club, Trey Songz, and Ke$ha on the roster, you were probably thinking there’s no way anything good can come of this weird concoction, right? Wrong! The roster, which was as weird as Ke$ha’s “Cannibal” performance, turned out to be nothing short of brilliant. The high energy in the building before any artist even touched a microphone subtly foreshadowed what was to come.

Drop City Yacht Club was up first. As expected for an opening act that lacks the star power of  the artists to follow, DCYC was greeted by an audience that didn’t necessarily come to see them. But that didn’t seem to faze the trio one bit; in fact, it seemed like they anticipated it. They came out with a siren bustin’ the Robocop dance, and it worked. I guess when you have a crowd prepared to party it doesn’t take much to impress. DCYC rode that wave through their entire set, keeping the crowd moving as they ran through songs with incredible energy, style, and swag.

Speaking of swag, next it was Trey’s turn. Killing the party was obviously not in his plans. Though he could’ve opted to stand center stage shirtless for his entire set — which Trey’s Angels would’ve been perfectly fine with — he instead chose to quench the thirst in the room by opening with his club banger “Say Ahh.” That got the crowd dancing, but the panty-dropper was coming. The lights went out for the second time during his set, and after the first time left him emerging from the darkness with his sweatshirt missing and a tank top on, we all knew where this was headed. The crowd screamed and shrieked, gals and guys alike, as Trey effortlessly ripped his tank off and began the next song with his signature line “I’m about to dive in!” From there he hip-stroked, flexed, and falsettoed his way straight to the end of his performance, leaving puddles everywhere.

By now, the crowd had completely filed in, and body glitter sparkled through the dark.  Anticipation grew as the clock struck 10:10 p.m. and the chants began: “KE$HA! KE$HA! KE$HA!” The loyalists made their presence known. It wasn’t long after those cries for the show’s headliner that Ke$ha was carried on stage by her strapping shirtless dancers and launched straight into her hit song “We R Who We R.” The crowd fist-pumped, jumped, and sang along word-for-word at the top of their lungs. But Ke$ha was just getting started. She  grabbed an electric guitar and transformed quickly from pop star to rock star as smoke exploded into the air. The energy in the building turned the dome into a true stadium atmosphere as Ke$ha played another of her many hit songs “Blow.”

After whipping out a toy model Cadillac, ripping apart the drum set on stage to beat it insanely, and screaming “Get in my vagina!” Ke$ha had a message to all the men in the audience: “Don’t fuck with crazy bitches, we’ll eat you!” And as if we needed a visual display, she pretended to rip the heart out of one of her dancers and drink his blood out as it spilled down her mouth while performing “Cannibal.”

Throughout all her weirdness, the crowd partied on. Ending with an encore performance of “Die Young,” Ke$ha gave the fans exactly what they came for, putting an exclamation point on the night for Block Party 2013.

  • Block Party was nasty! This hits the nail on the head for Drop City Yacht Club, they did exactly what they were supposed to do: be hype and fun and not serious and swaggy. They were a great surprise.
    But yeah, the Cannibal thing was a little weird. I felt like she was threatening me.