What a day. Juice Jam has yet again killed it here at Syracuse University, leaving us all with ringing ears and wobbly legs as consequence of an afternoon of non-stop dancing.

So let’s focus on the highlight of our day (or at least mine): the one and only Nicky Romero. Energy running loose after the sets of Small Pools, The Neighbourhood, and Ab-Soul, the crowd was more than ready for what was about to hit them.  Blaring a scratchy broken TV sound, the stage screen showed a Guy Fawkes mask that is seen in his music video for hit single “Toulouse.” Before we could blink, beats were pumping, basses were dropping, and feet were leaving the ground.

The crowd seemed to be jumping as one big mass, a wave of yellow juice jam shirts and girls propped up on guys’ shoulders. The music rushed through us as we thrashed our bodies around in one sweaty, happy mob. Not only did the crowd move as a mass, but also fell as a mass simply due to the fact that we were straight-up leaning on each other for balance in the tight space.

Aside from that, I don’t think I stopped smiling once the entire set. Romero remixed the popular Icona Pop song “I Love It” as well as his own crowd-pleaser “I Could be the One” among many others. Bringing Nicky Romero to ‘Cuse was definitely a great move by UU since it added variety to the lineup as well as fulfilled the ever-increasing EDM obsession that has been sweeping over college campuses. We were able to chill and bob our heads to The Neighbourhood, then freak out and rage to Romero as he banged out an unbelievable set full of white balloons and neon orange beach balls. I even heard a bunch of people screaming “THIS IS UNREAL” as they pushed around to his remix of Steve Aoki/Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.”

All in all: Nicky Romero went above and beyond at Syracuse University’s 2013 Juice Jam, and the kids certainly went above and beyond in response.

Photo by 20 Watts staff

  • maya kosoff

    Such an awesome set. I don’t think I stopped moving for the whole hour he performed.

  • Timothy Chew

    Great article, Erin!