Juice Jam is this weekend and I know we’re all excited. With all the wonderful artists coming, open space, and great vibes in the air, it’s definitely going to be memorable. To help make your experience unforgettable, here’s a list of ten must-haves for the first-ever Juice Jam Fest.

1. A ticket. There’s no way you can get in without a ticket. Believe it or not the “my friend is inside and has my ticket” line doesn’t work, so unless you want to sit outside don’t show up without a ticket.

2. ID and a little cash. In case anything happens you should always have identification on you. And there may be vendors and you’re probably going to want to buy stuff so bring money, cash at that, to make things simple.

3. Water. It will be hot! You will be jumping around and moving; you’ll get thirsty. It’s important to stay hydrated. A healthy snack may also be a good idea so that you have enough energy to dance.

4. Juice Jam T-shirt. They don’t give you free shirts to just hang in your closet. Wear your juice jam shirt. Its sleeveless, fashionable, and shows support for the event.

5. Sunglasses. Outdoor concerts can be bright and the sun will get in your way when you’re trying to watch the performances. Sunglasses will help you actually see the stars you paid for.

6. A group of friends or at least your best friend. Concerts are 10 times more fun when you’re with people you care about. No one wants to jam to their favorite artist alone so have a girls/guys night out, or make it a date.

7. GoPro/smartphone. What’s the point of seeing these awesome performances if you can’t brag about them? Bring your phone or camera (preferably with an arm strap so that it doesn’t fall and break) so you can take pictures and post them on Twitter, Instagram, facebook, or wherever it is you normal post your selfies.

8. Headband or some kind of hair accessory. Girls and guys with long hair, it will get HOT and putting your hair up makes you significantly cooler! Plus it’ll be hectic and probably windy, the last thing you need is your hair all in your mouth.

9. Comfortable shoes. Chances are you’re going to be on your feet for a good amount of time and if you decide to wear a less supportive shoe, your experience probably won’t be that comfortable.

10. A positive attitude. Things will get crazy, it will be crowded, it might even be hot and sticky, but Juice Jam is supposed to be fun. Don’t let anything ruin your mood. Be happy to see the performers and take part in the festivities.

And don’t forget: wear deodorant, bug spray, and sunscreen. Bring a small bag for swag and to keep the essentials on you at all times. Be prepared for any kind of weather since its outdoors. Safety comes first so no matter how lame it may seem, follow the rules and regulations. Dress to impress because there will be a lot of pictures taken. Most importantly HAVE FUN and embrace the experience. There will never be another Juice Jam 2013 so make the best of it.

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