For those who don’t know, DJ Carnage is one of the biggest names on the scene right now. He came to Westcott Theater on September 26 with three openers, among which was his immediate supporter, Nicola Bernardini de Pace, a sophomore at SU. De Pace has a decent sized fan base, so there was plenty of buzz around campus before the show. Prior to his set, de Pace said that it was his second time playing at the Westcott Theater and it should be a fun time. He didn’t seem nervous at all, probably because he has been DJing since the age of 12 and played at his first club at 14. If that weren’t impressive enough, de Pace is both a DJ and a promoter at Provocateur in New York City.

If I’m being honest, I’m hard to impress. The way I see it, having been a DJ for nearly a decade does not necessarily guarantee talent. So, I warned de Pace, showed up to the show and was actually quite impressed. The act on before him was good, but when Nicola hit the stage he instantly knew how to get the crowd going on an entirely new level. There was not a single dull moment in his hour-long set.

This was my first show of the like, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I figured it would be more like going to a club than a concert. I stand by that idea, but it was reminiscent of a rave more than anything. When de Pace was on stage, he just knew how to act and react with the crowd to keep the energy high and the dancing constant. It seemed these concertgoers could not care less. It was a judgment free zone where people could dress, act, and do whatever they pleased.


I met a few characters, and among them my favorite was Robert who was wearing a bandana over his face that was only accompanied by jeans. He said he went to a concert once in that outfit and it was such a hit he continued to go to shows in it, eventually resulting in him being dubbed the “House Assassin.” Sometime later I met Drew, a frequenter at shows like this. Drew was there specifically for de Pace because he saw him at the Westcott last year and had a great time.  I asked Drew after de Pace’s set what he thought and he said de Pace is only getting better as a DJ. Nick, a friend of mine who also saw de Pace last year, agreed with Drew, saying he has not only gotten even better as a DJ but better as a performer.

I had a great time at the show, which is coming from someone who doesn’t particularly like club music or remixes. de Pace really knew how to get the party going, both in his skill as a DJ and as a performer. He really did a great job of incorporating present and past hits and interacted with the crowd while still focusing on the music. As far as DJs go, de Pace has everything a club/concert/rave-goer could possibly want. Keep an eye out for his future shows here or in NYC. In the mean time, check out his SoundCloud.

Photos courtesy of James Saulsky