Please keep in mind that rumors are rumors. Nine times out of ten they are simply people seeing how far they can push an idea.

As a continued disclaimer, the following is untrue.

About a week ago, the semiannual rumor that All Time Low is breaking up resurfaced. Both Jack and Alex tweeted about their radio show Full Frontal’s successful second season that ended that same night. This fact made fans, like myself, who had come across the rumor accidentally, wonder if Jack and Alex are too concerned with their radio side project, if Alex is preoccupied with his girlfriend Lisa, Zack with his clothing line Amerrickan, or Rian with his (rumored) fiancé Cassadee Pope? Or will these just stay things on the side? For a few days, fans were up in arms, but the rumors held no truth. Perhaps what sparked this latest break-up rumor is the amicable, though sad, separation of the band’s long-time tour manager and best friend, Matt Flyzik, from the All Time Low team.

This entire ordeal brought the severity of the potential loss of a band like All Time Low to the forefront of our minds. Remember Four Year Strong, most recently My Chemical Romance (rest in peace, the faux-emo seventh grade girl in all of us), Blink 182, or Fall Out Boy? Though we thank the music gods that the last two have re-graced us with their presence, it is only at the death of their side projects like Angels & Airwaves and Black Cards. The demise of bands that are key players in our music scene would impact the world of music greatly.

More than just the music we listen to affects us. When a band we adore breaks up, we lose a part of ourselves. It isn’t only that this band won’t be making more music, it’s that the members have left behind something huge in their lives and therefore in ours. Of course, we never lose the gifts they have given us, but we feel abandoned because their songs have gotten us through many tough times and experiences. Without certain players in the game, we lose elements of the genre and the music scene in general.

If All Time Low broke up, I would be so sad. I get very involved in my music and my bands, and to me 90 percent of the time I love musicians as much as I love their music. I can’t deny that the Jonas Brothers’ recent culmination was not heartbreaking for me on most levels, and I have no shame in saying I adored them growing up. I do think it was time for their end solely, though, because how long can dad-to-be Kevin be playing guitar for 13-year-old girls on Disney Channel?

The point is this: no matter when a band breaks up, fans will be devastated and music will forever be changed.

  • Joey Cosco

    All I want is for Fall Out Boy to make good music together and for Patrick Stump to make good music solo and for there to be no rumors about either of those two things ending. Is that so much to ask?