Electronic artist Datsik brought his Digital Assassins Tour to the F-Shed at The Market Friday and proved to be a powerhouse in the dubstep scene. Following the success of sets by Krewella and Big Gigantic at the relatively new venue, Datsik drew a large crowd. With influences from hip-hop, hardcore rap, and the Wu-Tang Clan, the Canadian DJ and producer has created remixes for some of the biggest names in electronic music including Diplo and Bassnectar.

Opener Heroes x Villains provided a high energy set that, like Diplo, sampled music from unexpected sources, including southern rap. Fellow opener Getter played a set of extremely bass-heavy dubstep to an energetic crowd.

Datsik’s set at the F-Shed offered aggressive dubstep sampled with a wide span of musical influences. A crowd favorite included a sample of Biggie Smalls as the DJ announced he was talking us back to his roots. Influenced heavily by hip-hop, Datsik began creating his remixes after seeing a set by Excision, who became one of his first collaborators.

Behind the DJ booth, an enormous circular screen showed a kaleidoscope of geometric designs. It provided a backdrop that was framed by strobe lights creating a blinding but amazing light show. The volume was incredible, with literal body-shaking bass. The success of Datsik’s set came from the fact that he didn’t let his large variety of influences affect his style. He seamlessly took the audience from a song with lyrics about a “magic pussy” into remixes of old school rap.

Datsik ended the night with one encore song. In one of the few disappointing moments of the night, the DJ began to play another new track that ended as quickly as it began, abruptly cutting the show short before midnight.

Despite the unexpected ending, Datsik and the openers of the Digital Assassins Tour proved that electronic music cannot be easily defined. Datsik’s own recording label, Firepower, describes Heroes x Villains as “genre-bending.” This term is easily applicable to each of the artists on Datsik’s tour.

As an up and coming venue, the F-Shed allows Upstate Shows to bring artists to Syracuse that draw much larger crowds, unlike other smaller venues like the Westcott Theater and The Lost Horizon. With larger crowds come tighter security, but also more available tickets and a more spacious dance floor. Popular EDM shows like Datsik and Krewella benefit from this larger venue, which never reached the sauna-level temperatures on Friday night that can be experienced at shows at smaller venues.

The F-Shed opens the possibilities of what types of artists will be coming to Syracuse in the future. After Friday night’s show, the future of EDM in Syracuse looks bright.