20 Watts sat in on rehearsal with local band How to Disappear Completely and talked about the group’s latest album, Daughters of Eve and the necessity of music.

Where do you have gigs?

Ian MacNeil: We play anywhere we think we can get a good crowd.  We play at the King of Clubs downtown.  The Lost Horizon is probably our house venue. We played at Monterey’s with Trapt back last February and we’ve played at the F-Shed for 95X.

Devon Robillard:  We do a lot of stuff with 95X.

About Daughter’s of Eve released in December:

Jay Bailey: It’s about women.  It’s about women in a positive light.  I don’t think there’s enough people talking in a positive light about women that are manly men.  Not to say that I’m a manly man. But, I’m dirty and I smell sometimes and you know I’m a dude … This is kind of like my personal statement.  Feminine worship (laughing).

Needing music in their life

TJ Calandra: In reality it’s like … more than an output. You know because people will say music for them is like an output to let off steam as the example goes, but in reality its like an addiction for us.  It’s physically impossible for us not to do this.  I know because I’ve tried. We have to do it. Get together … write things.  I can’t not write music.

Jay: It’s a compulsion but it’s a positive compulsion. We have enough negative compulsions in our life it’s nice to have a good one.

Devon: When we don’t practice very much we wonder why we all feel like garbage. And then we get together and practice and we don’t even want to go to bed that night.

What influences the band?

Ian:  All kinds of creativity really influence us too. TJ is the biggest bookworm I know. The last couple of years I’ve been on a really big James Joyce kick. I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration for my solo singer/songwriter project from James Joyce short stories.

How To Disappear Completely is:

Jay Bailey – Vocals, Guitar

Devon Robillard – Guitar, Keyboard, Violin

Kyle Heath – Guitar

TJ Calandra – Bass Guitarist

Ian MacNeil – drummer

Song playing in the video is “Cucumber Melon” from How To Disappear Completely’s latest album, Daughters of Eve.