2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of the release of pop punk band Fall Out Boy’s album From Under the Cork Tree. It also marks the 10 year anniversary of the time my friends and I stood around our middle school gym locker room in our underwear and said things like, “That Fall Out Boy band is so weird. But I kinda like them.”

Since then, they’ve risen to one of music’s biggest successes and then fallen off the map completely. Fall Out Boy broke up and then reunited in a different music world. And despite the fact that each album since FUCT has its share of hits, FOB has yet to really reestablish it’s popularity. And maybe it never will.

But the thing about Fall Out Boy I don’t think you have to be a superfan to appreciate is their innovation. This is a punk band that has featured Elton John, Elvis Costello, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. It’s most recent album had a music video for every song, stringing together a single long narrative. And then when that album started to slip away from the goup’s roots, Fall Out Boy put out an 8 song, 13 minute EP of pure hardcore punk because why not.

Oh yeah, and FOB dropped a new single today. It’s called “Uma Thurman” and they’ve been teasing it and me all weekend on Twitter. It’s starts with a bouncy piano beat and its fun and dancy until the surf guitars come in. Patrick’s voice doubles over itself and reverbs around my iPad’s speaker. It’s another new sound for them and that’s ok, I wouldn’t want to hear this song from any one else.

The rest of the album comes out January 20.