Last semester a crowd of music lovers descended on a Ramada Inn in Liverpool for the local Record and CD Fair. They came from all over, but one thing overwhelmingly united them: records.2014-10-26 11.45.34

While I was there, I talked to fellow attendees and a few vendors about records and the Record and CD Fair itself. A large majority of people said they were attending in search of records. The vendors were in on it too. In a large conference room, the stacks of records extended from wall to wall and occupied much of the middle of the room. For record collectors, this is a notable event. Some had collections of over 10,000 and were looking for one specific record. Others had modest collections and were looking to expand. Still others showed up just for the atmosphere and to reminisce with old friends.


What type of music do attendees prefer? There was a definite trend. Almost 40 percent of people prefer classic or psychedelic rock, though that was not the only genre attendees were listening to. Other genres include jazz, folk, metal, and more. Noticeably absent from the musical consciousness of the fair was more recent music, with the notable exception of Radiohead.


The collectors and vendors came from all over. Only about half were from Syracuse. The rest were from other parts of New York and other states too. A vendor I spoke to said it is not unusual to have customers from places as far away as Russia or Japan. Most of the vendors themselves are not local. They travel with the fair.


The fair travels within the Northeast year round, and with it comes a sense of community. Collectors come from hours around to browse records, socialize, scoff at new developments in music like Beyonce and MP3 files, and most of all, talk about music. If you are looking for the perfect psychedelic rock album or someone eager to talk about the past 50 years from a musical perspective, the Record and CD Fair is the perfect place to satisfy your needs. You can find a list of scheduled Record and CD Fairs here.

Images by Sam Norton