For University Union’s final Bandersnatch show this spring, Isaiah Rashad performed for a very lucky St. Patrick’s Day crowd. The Top Dawg Entertainment signee followed a ridiculously talented supporting act. After Pell, a killer New Orleans hip-hop artist with a piano-playing hype man, I honestly didn’t know if my guy Isaiah would be able to live up to the Schine Undergorund crowd’s expectations. I was mistaken. Isaiah destroyed.

“My music isn’t really the type of shit people jump around to” Isaiah told us. “People usually just vibe out.” He invited us to do exactly that. For a lot of the show the crowd played along.IMAG2585-MOTION

Isaiah played most of last year’s Cilvia Demo. The Tennessee MC’s “Shot You Down” was great for that “vibing out” crew. “Heavenly Father” had that same feeling, and Isaiah quipped that the crowd only knows the words to the SZA-sung hook.

All of  a sudden his face grew serious. He told his fans to keep their phones in their pockets and to definitely not record the next leg of his performance, whatever it would be. Isaiah busted out an unreal a capella freestyle.

Between songs he quickly mentioned a new project. A voice from the crowd asked when it would drop.

“Who does release dates though?” Isaiah said back cooly. The crowd ooohed.

Toward the end of the show, he actually did play some tracks that got the crowd off their feet. It looked like this.


And this.IMAG2558-MOTION

And this too. He closed the show with labelmate Kendrick Lamar’s new song, “Alright.” Twice. He danced with the audience both times, gave a quick speech thanking everyone, and was out for the night.IMAG2564-MOTION

Images by Joey Cosco