Pimpin’ All Over The World” is 10 years old. Believe it. It could be a fifth grader. 20 Watts took a #TBT trip  together and watched the iconic 2005 video as a staff. This is what we saw and said.

Jake LiBassi, Blog Editor: My favorite!

Lyndsey Jiminez, Editor  In Chief: I’m really confused by the setting.

Rikki Schniederman, Managing Editor: Seems like there’s a lot of tall grass.


Lyndsey: Who’s the guy who was Ne-yo before Ne-yo was Ne-yo?

Rikki: THAT’S Ludacris. [Referring to Ludacris, not Lyndsey’s mystery Ne-yo wannabe]

Sam Henken, Assistant Features Editor: Flip phone! Flip phone alert!!


Carolyn Saxton, Reviews Editor: My first reaction was cultural appropriation. I wrote an article on that!

Sam: Is this song slept on?

Lyndsey: Huh?

Sam: Like underrated.

Lyndsey: I’ve never heard that term before. Definitely.

Ludacris, Hip-hop Artist:  I’m kinda concerned that you’ll be causin’ a crash/with ya traffc jam booty, heads pausin’ so fast.

Carolyn: They’re putting various people from cultures with things from those cultures in settings that have nothing to do with themselves.

Adam Gendler, Multimedia Editor: That’s called pimping all over the world.


Lyndsey: Should we call PETA?


Sam: Think about it: in the last ten years we’ve gone from poker sites being advertised in music videos to Cîroc.

Rikki: Well, and Game of War.


Sam: I think Cîroc is an improvement.

Images courtesy of YouTube/LudacrisVEVO