Michael Christmas said it himself: “Lay’s every time!” Lay’s undeniably makes great chips. Undeniably, they also make some weird things too. Christmas again: “They make all these bullshit new flavors nobody likes. You buy it because its new.”

The 20 Watts editorial staff decided to band together and try one of those bullshit flavors. With one chip each we review Lay’s Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese chips.

Carolyn Saxton, Reviews Editor:
“I like these but they taste nothing like mac and cheese. That’s false advertising.”

Sam Henken, Assistant Features Editor:
“You can really taste the bacon but you can’t taste anything else. Then I realized you can taste cheddar.”

Joey Cosco*, Digital Director:
“Do you really want macaroni flavored chips though?”

Mikey Light, Features Editor:
“Good mouth feel, pungent unattractive odor. It doesn’t taste that bad.”
“Actually no, it tastes really bad. Pretty much one of the worst chips I’ve ever eaten. The smell is so bad I’m just grossed out as I eat it. I can smell it while it’s inside my mouth.”

Jackie Frere, Front-of-Book Editor:
*Dusts hands, laughs. Mikey points out she ate her chip in one bite. Laughs again*
“Tastes like sour cream and cheddar Ruffles.”
*Becomes lost in texting conversation with her phone, unavailable for further comment*

Katie Canete**, Publisher:
“The effort with the bacon flavor is there. But like its hard to— I would never guess Mac and cheese. I wouldn’t buy it again to be honest.***

Jim Coleman***, Marketing Director:
“First impression: Cheddar flavored ruffles. You could def tastes the meat a little at the end. It’s a salty smokiness.”
“More of a jerky than a bacon.”

Rikki Schniederman, Managing Editor:
“Nope nope, bye.”
*Exits room.*

Jane Depgen, Creative Director:
“It just tastes like a cheesy chip.”

Phil DiCicca, Head Designer:
“I’ve had it before and I didn’t like it. Is that bad?”

Lyndsey Jimenez, Editor In Chief:
“These smell like asshole.”
*eats chip*
“These aren’t bad. Just really cheesey.”

 *had many chips
**Katie Canete didn’t buy the chips. Joey Cosco did.
***insisted on eating a folded chip

Photo by Joey Cosco