So Mayfest happened this weekend, which is pretty cool I guess.

I had a great time, but I had a great time as an observer, which I can only assume is vastly different than as a participant.

What’s interesting about Mayfest is that it’s pretty much the one thing on campus literally everyone cares about. The concept of not doing “anything” for Mayfest is pretty much unheard of. Even people who would normally never go out during the day on a Friday will end up on Walnut for at least SOME part of the day. It’s kind of magical in that sense. Our school is constantly in a state of social conflict, but none of that  seems to matter for one day out of the year.

I think that when discussing an event this momentous, it’s better to take a moment to process it than it is make quick, and unnecessarily harsh judgements. It would be very easy to call this year’s Mayfest concert lineup really bad, but that’s not how I feel about it.

I actually really enjoyed all of the acts. Nobody half assed it, and when I spoke to them, they were all pretty excited to be there.

“It’s really great to be back”, said Ayo Alex, who graduated as a Broadcast and Digital Journalism major last spring.

Nobody half assed it this time. When you book smaller acts at a big school like this, it almost guarantees the acts will give it their all. There’s a lot less on the line for huge stadium-level acts. Mayfest was free, so people had no obligation to stay if they didn’t like the music. Therefore, nobody was ever bored. That makes this so much easier, and so much more important for the act.

It was a well-thought out, well-executed music festival.

University Union really puts everything they have into this one day, and despite horrible weather, they pulled it off. I give UU a lot of shit in my articles, but this is one thing that I really don’t think they should be persecuted for. The acts, though smaller than what many people would have liked, were all talented, professional, and did everything they could to get the crowd going.

When is the next time that any of us are going to get to go to a music festival in the snow? It’s a unique experience that we as a student body now share with each other. Like it or not, this is probably going to be the Mayfest that you tell people about the most.

You might have been cold and miserable during it, but aren’t you glad that you can say you were there?


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Photos by Mikey Light