The spring 2015 issue of 20 Watts is sent and sent to print! This is always an exciting time at the magazine. Unfortunately not everything we produced this spring can fit into our 44 page badass book.

This is a part of a series of stories, graphics, and posts that we loved but couldn’t fit into our book. We call it B-Sides.

This interview was conducted before rapper Michael Christmas’ set at the Skybarn on South Campus. He talks about lots of things, including music. This is part 1 of 3. You can catch up on part 2 here.

MICHAEL CHRISTMAS: I would, like, stand on stage during Logic’s set and go into his room and eat mad chips. And then come back on stage. And just watch the show with mad chips. I would fill a cup with them and come to the stage and eat them and go back.

20 WATTS: If you’re eating a sandwich, what chips are you going for?

CHRISTMAS: Lays every time! Like classic Lays. They make all these bullshit new flavors nobody likes. You buy it because its new. You want classic lays. They’re delicious. It’s the perfect chip.

20 WATTS: I know there’s wasabi ginger.

CHRISTMAS: Yeah, that doesn’t sound cool. Like, why do we need new flavors of Lays? Lays is the best. And then after that maybe barbeque and I hate barbeque sauce but barbeque Lays are bomb.

*Gets handed an orange soda*

CHRISTMAS: *Kel voice* Who loves orange soda? Note this: I just got orange soda.

20 WATTS: You have the Lays chips. Orange soda everytime?

CHRISTMAS: Yes…no. Root beer usually. But I just recently fell back in love with orange soda for some reason.

20 WATTS: On your Kel shit.

CHRISTMAS: You know, who loves orange soda? Your boy.

20 WATTS: I think my friend got love from him on Twitter once and it was the best day of his life.

CHRISTMAS: Somebody saw Kel at like a Target and said it was the funniest thing that ever happened because it wasn’t like really epic. It was just like, “Oh wow, you’re Kel.” I’d freak out if I saw Kel. I’d freak out even more if I saw Keenan. He did the French dude in the bathtub skit on All That. That shit is fucking hilarious. *Keenan voice* HUH HUH HUH!

GOODWIN (Christmas’s co-manager): Kel fell all the way off. Keenan’s still going.

CHRISTMAS: Saturday Night Live. He’s doing his thing.

20 WATTS: I think he finally quit SNL though.

CHRISTMAS: Did he? I mean he was doing movies before SNL. He was in Barbershop 2, I don’t remember what else, but he was in Barbershop 2. But yeah, I had a studio session for like a thousand hours the other day and went to the 7/11 and was like, “What’s up with the snacks? What are we doing today?” I got a brownie, Lays, some fruit, and I got mad orange soda. I bought my pack of cigarettes and both the people I was doing my session with bought a pack not knowing that I bought a pack because they smoked all of mine the last session so we were in there for like hours just off the delicious snacks.

20 WATTS: Were you working with anyone noteworthy?

CHRISTMAS: Casper and B, they produce for a bunch of people. They did a really big song for Skizzy Mars. I love making music with them, their process is my favorite music making process of anybody that I’ve been in the studio with. We just make like full tracks that day from scratch. We start with an idea and turn it into a big ass song.

20 WATTS: Cool. I guess I should get into actual, formal questions. I hate when people ask me this but I’m gonna turn it on you. In three words: who is Michael Christmas?

CHRISTMAS: Imma use four words: young and successful; sex symbol. I’m joking. Young… awkward rapper. About to be 21. About to be old awkward rapper.

20 WATTS: I don’t think 21 is old.

CHRISTMAS: 21 is old as shit. It’s weird.

20 WATTS: I’m getting kinda discouraged because I’m 20, about your age, a little younger than you and…

CHRISTMAS: I just figure I’m very immature and the older I get the less cool that’s gonna be, potentially.

20 WATTS: Sometimes I feel that way, I look at rappers I like, you know? I listen to Joey Bada$$ and Bishop Nehru and these guys are younger than me.

CHRISTMAS: I was about to say, I’m older than both of them, I think.

20 WATTS: Bieber has me by a few months.

CHRISTMAS: *Laughs* Wait, how old is Justin Bieber?

20 WATTS: Just turned 21.

CHRISTMAS: That’s crazy. That’s tight though. Justin Bieber is awesome.

20 WATTS: What’s your favorite Justin Bieber song?


20 WATTS: That’s a classic.


20 WATTS: Did you watch the roast?

CHRISTMAS: Yes. Great television. Martha Stewart, still hot. I’ll definitely smash out Martha Stewart today. Hopefully she sees it. I’m about to start my campaign to get Martha Stewart to be my baby’s mother. We’ll adopt.

20 WATTS: You need to get her on a track.

CHRISTMAS: She is good at talking shit. I would get Martha Stewart on the track and she would kill it.

This is part one of 20 Watts’ interview with Michael Christmas. Check out part two here.

Photo by Sam Henken