Image courtesy of University Union

Image courtesy of University Union

1. Well, sort of the elephant in the room is the absence of The Weeknd. Last week campus publications ran with the story of The Weeknd playing Juice Jam because it said so on some sketchy concert schedule website. The rumor also included Børns, according to a different sorta sketchy concert schedule website, who is actually performing. I could speculate how this happened, but it’s unfair to blame UU for not booking someone they didn’t book.

2. That being said, as far as headliners go, Big Sean is a good get. Say what you will about his last few albums, the man has songs that play on the big stage. I personally am pretty stoked to hear “Guap.” But maybe don’t hold out hope for a surprise Kanye appearance.

3. The performance marks the second time UU has gotten Big Sean for a show. I wonder if it means we will see more repeating by UU for future shows and bring back more acts who have played Bandersnatch shows for Juice Jam or Mayfest/Block Party.

4. There’s a good balance among the six acts this year. Having someone acts like Børns and Matt & Kim there will encourage a few more people who were holding out to go.

5. Matt & Kim are gonna be awesome. You may only know the hits, but they will make you dance anyway. They do stuff like this live:

6. I saw ILoveMakonnen this summer and he also puts on a good show. To the Juice Jam crowd, he’s probably just the “Tuesday” guy, but he has more to offer than that and has a surprisingly full catalog of great live songs.

7. To be honest, I’ve never heard of Oliver Heldens. But he got a co-sign from Tiësto, which I assume is the house music equivalent of having a Kanye co-sign in hip-hop.

8. Børns is and up-and-coming indie pop act. He’s toured with Charli XCX and will be releasing his first album in October. I think he’ll be a nice chill moment in an otherwise turnt day of music.

9. I also don’t know anything about SNBRN. From my brief listening he also fits the label of house music. UU seems to be moving away from dubstep producers for their bigger shows.

10. My weather app tells me it will be cloudy and low-70’s for the Juice Jam. Hopefully in the next week or so that becomes sunny and 80. In the meantime, pray to whatever god(s) you worship that there is no rain.