On September 18th Mac Miller dropped the album that will change the perception of his artistic ability for years to come. Let me make this clear, this is not the fun-loving, upbeat Blue Slide Park (2011) or his deranged alternate persona Delusional Thomas (2013). This is Mac. This is GO:OD AM.

Mac Miller has found his sound. I see it as a mix between the up-tempo pace of Delusional Thomas and the more lyrically entrancing Faces (2014) mixtape. To best describe the transition from song to song would be as spectacularly even. By this I mean the sound of the album is so distinct that one could play any two songs back to back and the mesh would be symmetry.

Beep, Beep, Beep. Good Morning Mac Miller. There’s no better way to start off the day than the whip of the snare hollowed out by electronic bass and a sweet voice of a woman lulling your ears drums. On the track “Brand Name” he makes this happen. He raps, “I work harder than anybody you know/ I’m done with tricks, don’t need no money to blow,” introducing the purpose of the album: he’s not just here to make the money anymore. Mac is out for quality.

On the album’s first single, “100 Grandkids”, quality is all there is too be heard. I find this track to be intensely creative, not only through lyricism and beat, but how he transforms it. It starts as a near lullaby (With a hip-hop twist) promising his mother grandkids smoothly walking into the trap-like party anthem about making his first 100 grand.  Mac Miller traps out, “100 G’s in my jeans / I’m a genius”.

 Yeah, alright. I see you Mac.

“Weekend” featuring Miguel is another beautifully produced song. The vibe is so strong. He is talking about stress, but there is none to be heard in the sound. Miguel adds a consoling mood over the mellow beat singing the chorus, “I’ll be good by the weekend” as Miller comes in abruptly singing, “We going’ out tonight like / Fuck it.”

“When in Rome” stands out on the album due to its heavy trap sound. See, I hear a song like this and I know I am moving my head, but its only value comes with the party aspect.

The best track is a double-sided track belonging under the name “Perfect Circle/God Speed”. The first side of this track follows a sinister beat, mixed with a mesmerizing voice accentuated by the touch of few keys from a piano. Lyrically, it brings you through his selfish and evil thoughts toward his grown fame. He sings, “A lot of lies cover the truth / What you gonna do?” A line like this takes one through his constant debate with sticking to his roots, or slipping to the dark of being tantalized by money and industry.

The song then transitions to the B-side through a staged voicemail from a man hoping to catch up with his old friend. It drops in a higher pitched beat as he forms his genuine feelings on the fame Mac Miller has received. He raps, “Every devil don’t got horns, Not every hero got capes / Opened up my eyes, I’m finally awake / Good Morning.” This is Mac’s realization that he needs change as a person, which has evidently impacted his musical understanding as well.

This is the sound we hope to continue hearing from Mac Miller. This album will shed light on his musical creativity and will bring Miller the popular response he deserves, just as 2014 Forest Hills Drive (2014) did for hip-hop artist, J. Cole.