Honestly, I’m really swallowing my pride by writing this right now, but Justin Bieber is absolutely on fire.

Biebs just released the follow up single to the mega-successful “What Do You Mean?” and I predict that the track, titled “Sorry,” will be dominating the same clubs and frat basements for weeks to come. Lyrically, it sounds like Bieber is dealing with a lot of confusion with whatever girl(s) he’s been canoodling with lately, but if they’re the inspiration for the dance tracks that make me and every other chick within a five mile radius want to scramble onto the nearest elevated surface then I hope he never solves his lady problems.

Not really sure why the video is just a seemingly random squad of dancers dressed in brightly colored, quasi-trendy clothing and sunglasses, but I’m pretty sure Justin Bieber can get away with just about any creative choice at the moment. Never thought I would say this… but I’m really looking forward to the release of Purpose.