Meek Mill vs. Drake. Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift. Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus. Music feuds have been a hot topic in the news recently.  Finally a feud that I actually cared about was reignited a couple weeks ago. Enter Jack White and The Black Keys. An epic quarrel between the two blues-rock bands that has carried on now for over three years.

Before we dive in to the latest drama between the rockers, we should step back and look at how it all started.  Back in January of 2012, Jack White fired the first shots in an interview with Rolling Stone that he had barred The Black Keys frontman, Dan Auerbach, from entering his Nashville studio. Dan Auerbach refused to comment on the matter. It seemed like a pretty childish move for the two so-called last remaining true rock stars.

A year later, in August of 2013, White stirred the pot once again, this time via email. In the midst of his ugly divorce from then wife, Karen Elson, a series of White’s emails were used in court. Amongst the email entries that Elson was using to file for a restraining order from White, there were a few that showed how furious White was that his children would be going to the same school as Auerbach’s. White could not contain himself thinking that his children would be in the same classroom as Auerbach’s for twelve years and that The Black Keys frontman would have even more opportunities to copy him.

Once again, a year later, in May 2014, The Keys drummer, Patrick Carney, took the high road and defended White for his previous nasty comments. Carney went on to say how ugly divorces can be and that everyone says shit in private, but ten days later White was at it again. In another interview with Rolling Stone, White tore The Keys apart for copying the White Stripes’ sound and their lack of originality. White claimed they were opportunistic for becoming another two-piece blues-rock band once The White Stripes had left the market. Yet, just a few days later White contradicted everything he said by stating he wished The Black Keys all the luck and success they can get. So this is where I really get lost. After White attacked Auerbach and his innocent family, Auerbach’s bandmate still chose to defend him.  And then for White to become even more aggressive only to back off a few days later leaves me with two notions, either White must suffer from having multiple personalities or he finally woke up one morning and realized what an ass he had been.

Last month, Carney and White supposedly had words in a bar in New York City after performing a tribute to Neil Young.  The next day the two rock stars took to the Internet to voice their displeasure of one another.  Carney claims that White is a bully and tried fighting him in the bar, while White called Carney out for lying and whining on the Internet.  It is hard to tell what really happened and now that most of the two’s tweets are deleted, it’s hard to say if the full truth will ever be uncovered.  However, soon after this, both musicians tweeted that they had worked things out and had mutual respect for one another.

In an age where rock only has a faint heartbeat left, wouldn’t we like to see the last true rock n rollers get along?  Or if they were going to get into it, could they at least act like the badass motherfuckers they claim to be?  Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus in front of thousands of viewers at this year’s VMAs oddly enough gained more of my respect than this back and forth bickering between The Keys and The Stripes.  Meek Mill and Drake at least got creative with their beef by releasing diss tracks and staying consistent with their mutual hatred.  So in case a copy of this issue somehow finds it’s way into the hands of Jack White, Dan Auerbach, or Patrick Carney I would encourage them to leave the drama up to the pop divas and just stick to doing what they do best, making rock.