Renowned Producer/DJ Datsik has embarked on his Spring Loaded Tour 2016. In between his two shows here in Syracuse, I got a chance to catch up with him, talk about the tour, his new EP; Darkstar, and learn things I could’ve never guessed about the bass-driven legend.

20W: What inspired the Darkstar EP?

D: It represents a pivotal point in my musical career… I feel that with age, I’ve been running dubstep, and with that I like seeing progression and change. So, Darkstar (strategically named) is my representation of the contrast between the light: wide spectrum of production, versus the heavy darks. I loved stepping outside the box.

20W: Why did you bring Ookay and Drezo with you as openers on the tour?

D: Drezo has been a friend of mine before music. He throws serious house parties in LA, and a lot of other artists come through as well. Drezo has gotten a lot of steam through bass house and deep stuff, his Soundcloud’s blown up… it made sense to have him on board. Ookay, (pioneer in Trap music) we wanted to have on the last tour, but it didn’t work out. So, I called him up and basically said, “you gotta do this.” Ookay could sell out these venues on his own, but we’re all about the show, so we keep the tickets cheap, and the lineup stacked for a good time.

20W: Where do you hope to see music in the next 5-10 years?

D: Under the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) umbrella, everything is combining. For example, we have House songs with trap fills and dubby (dubstep-esque) wobbles. Genres are inspiring each other. Now, the truly good artists can expand, and not just stick to one genre. I feel that the true artist that can do it all (genre-wise) will prevail. Skrillex is a good example, from Rock and Roll to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, he continues to prove his ability to expand. The Deep sound is starting to come back, I feel like Deep House might start to speed up to around 140 BPM’s (typical speed of Trap/Dubstep songs) as it gets grimy, and filled with more soul.

20W: What is your dream show/was your best crowd show?

D: I really do love these smaller bus tour shows. They’re way more intimate. In these club settings, I have way more opportunities to connect with the crowds, you can’t get that kind of intimacy at a festival, the fans are so far away. That being said, my favorite show so far has to have been EDC Vegas at the Dim Mak Stage. We got caught up in a traffic jam, and showed up only five minutes before my set. I ran up onto the stage and killed it. It was also my birthday… so it felt almost like a surreal gift-my biggest show ever(at the time) on my birthday.

20W: How was working w/ Trinidad James?

D: He is a really cool guy, we linked up at Crystal Method Studios for recording, and chatted for an hour. We started on 2 very trap-y tracks, and they went in different directions. So as time was running out, I said “let me show you something else…” I showed him Tantrum and he said, “this is the one.” We recorded it in 15 minutes.

20W: How did the Travis Barker collaboration come to fruition?

D: Travis owns Famous Stars and Straps, and he wanted to sponsor me; paying me to wear their stuff. Apparently Travis has always been into my music. We met at a restaurant in LA. At the meeting, he said “Yo, you should come through to the studio, meet the team.” I obviously was not going to go in there without some of my tracks. After chilling in the studio for a short while, I showed him Darkstar, and he thought it was cool. “Do you want to drum over this?” Happy to, Travis Barker banged it out in one take.  

20W: Who is the person or group you’d like to collab with most?

D: I would really love to do a throwback-style track with Method Man. Snoop Dogg was definitely on my bucket list, and I’m stoked to have had a song with him.

20W: Do you think the dubby-bass driven music will always be your thing, or do you think your style may change?

D: Like the rest of the world, my taste changes. I’m never stuck on one thing, but that’s what’s fun about it- the music is forever changing and won’t get stale. A genre can be hot, then not hot shortly after. As a touring artist, I feel like it’s my responsibility to try and push the envelope, and change the game in as many ways possible. I won’t make a mark unless something inventive is done. 

20W: What is your musical background/how’d it get to where it is now?

D: I’ve always been really into music, my dad was working in audio file/pro audio equipment, and my older brothers were really into Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Biggie Smalls, etc. I always used to steal their CD’s and listen to them in my room. The Wu Tang Clan was definitely my number one inspiration.

20W: Who has been your favorite collaboration so far?

D: In terms of notoriety… Snoop Dogg, but in terms of working with someone, Excision, Diplo, and Bassnectar- who happens to be one of the nicest guys I’ve met.

Datsik made it very clear that he lives to break barriers, and he’s not going to slow down anytime soon. On behalf of the 20 Watts team, cheers to Datsik (and the team) and the rest of the Spring Loaded Tour.