Every reasonably healthy and hygienic SU student is likely familiar with the on-campus CVS Pharmacy. And if not, they probably frequent the corner store directly across from it, so at least they know where it is. Either way, CVS is certainly a great place to snag all your personal product needs. There is one glaring flaw, however: what the hell does CVS stand for? Well, we did some on-location research, and it turns out that even the company’s own employees don’t know what the name means (shouts to Tyler and Mike at CVS). So naturally, being the right-brain creative types that we are, we came up with our own meanings for the CVS acronym. Which one is the true meaning of CVS? We let you, the reader, decide:


Jim, Editor in Chief: Corrupted Vaginal Sequence

Katie, Publisher: Crucial Volatile Syringes

Lauren, Front of Book Editor: Chronic Violating Society

Mikey, Managing Editor: Core Values of Sauron

Sam, Web Editor: Christian Violent Syndicate

Carolyn, Features Editor: Current Vigilante Staff

Shawna, Creative Director: Certified Villainous Slugs (pictured above)

Joe “Big J” Bloss, Staff Writer: Caring Virtuous Sluts

Kyle, Asst. Web Editor: Coleman’s Vape Store


Adam, Digital Director: Cripples Versus Society


CVS photo courtesy of Forbes

  • Joe

    If you google “What does CVS stand for” it literally pops up without having to even click on a result

  • pedre123

    consumer value store