What do a new Netflix sensation and the alternative music scene have in common?

They share a guitarist.

Meet Post Animal, a fresh-faced band on the rise in the alt music world. The band consists of Dalton Allison (bass and vocals), Jake Hirshland (guitar), Joe Keery (guitar and vocals), Javier Reyes (guitar and vocals), Wesley Toledo (drums) and Matt Williams (guitar and vocals), and has an interesting sound. Their style of music can be described as psychedelic pop-rock, and the band has sparked comparisons to popular indie-psych band Tame Impala. 

The band hails from Chicago, a city with a hot music scene that knows young, alternative groups all too well. Fellow Windy City natives include popular indie rock band the Orwells and garage punk rockers Twin Peaks. Recently, Post Animal opened for the Orwells in their home city, playing a mini-concert series appropriately entitled “Midwest Shitfest.” The shows were major exposure for the group, who as a rather underground band is used to garages and house parties rather than a venue with a capacity of 500 people.

One may credit the band’s recent success to a new endeavor of Post Animal’s guitarist and vocalist, Joe Keery. Keery recently played a significant character in a Netflix series which the world has quickly embraced. “Stranger Things,” a sci-fi show set in the ’80s, sees Keery as Steve Harrington, the significant other to main character Natalia. The show’s release in mid-July blew up, leading it to become the most popular digital show in the world at the time of release. This mass exposure and love for the show quickly led the actors themselves to gain hundreds of thousands of new fans. As fans realized their beloved Joe was not only an actor, but also a musician, the exposure for Post Animal began to grow. Article after article was published, citing ‘Steve’ as the drummer of a psychedelic band that happened to be pretty good.

The growth of the band due to Netflix is no surprise, as exposure is paramount for young artists nowadays. With the second season of Stranger Things due out next year, it is likely that the band will only continue to grow, as the buzz surrounding the show and Keery has not slowed.

Post Animal currently has two albums out. The first, released in 2015, is entitled Perform the Most Curious Water Activities and brings forth the band’s first seven tracks. The second and most recent album, The Garden Series, was released on July 22 and follows up the first album with six new tracks. A few must-listens include “Hoverin’ All Night” and “Goggles” from Perform the Most Curious Water Activities and “Lonely Jones” from The Garden Series. “Hoverin’ All Night” showcases the band’s talent on the guitar, featuring a wide array of chords supported by softer vocals. Listening to “Goggles” may help one to understand why the band is classified as psych-pop: the trippy yet smooth vibe of the song is calming, and the soft vocals bring a dreamy note to the sound. “Lonely Jones” is more upbeat than the typical Post Animal song, with a focus on the uptempo vocals and keyboard.

Listen to “Lonely Jones” below.