Almost four years after the release of his album Unorthodox Jukebox, Bruno Mars has finally blessed us all with the titular single off of his new album, 24K Magic. The single (and its music video) was released thirty minutes before midnight on Oct. 6. Featured in “Uptown Funk” back in 2014, it may seem as if Mars hasn’t been gone from the music scene for as long as he has been—especially after performing alongside Beyoncé and Coldplay at last year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. However in reality,“Uptown Funk” was Mark Ronson’s release, not Mars, and no new music of Mars was played at the Super Bowl.

Luckily, “24K Magic” is just as amazing as most of his fans expected it to be. Much like in “Uptown Funk,” Mars channels that old school hip-hop sound which compliments his vocal style so well. The beat has nonstop energy. Even when the song slows down at about 2:45, his energy is kept up – especially when you’re watching the music video. This is the part of the song that feels most 2016 in its sound, so to speak, while still keeping that spirit of mixed styles that Bruno Mars is becoming more and more known for.

The music video is set in a Las Vegas atmosphere, featuring a private plane, an expensive looking hotel hallway and tons of women in a casino. The whole setting really encapsulates the themes of wealth, confidence and having a great time. The song could make anyone feel like they are living it up, wealthy, ‘without a care in the world. “24K Magic” overall is a wonderful, catchy song that is different enough from other pop songs to be exciting, but not different enough to be disliked by the masses.

Mars’ full album, 24K Magic, is set to be released Nov. 18 and we will probably begin hearing it played at a lot of parties in the following months. Personally, I’m preparing my outfit for when Mars announces an epic tour— various prints and tons of gold chains and rings, in classic Mars-esque fashion. For now, I’ll just continue to pretend that I’m performing alongside him while I listen to this new single in the shower.