Abel Tesfaye “comes alive in the fall time” once again, collaborating with French electronic duo Daft Punk on his new single “Starboy,” which is also the title-track to his new album being released on November 25.

“Starboy” portrays a side of Tesfaye that fans and listeners have yet to experience. The new track is cosmically enchanting, bringing a more subtle sound compared to the Grammy winning album Beauty Behind the Madness, with its simple yet effective percussion beat and mellow background vocals. Tesfaye’s lyrics are still charged with raunchy, blunt references to sex, drugs and women seamlessly embedded within his smooth vocals and falsetto, but his sound has come from the turntable of a house party to the television speakers of those tuned into Saturday Night Live and radio stations worldwide.

Tesfaye’s “main bitch” and “side bitch” are out of your league in “Starboy”, which provides a large contrast to his defeatist attitude towards women and love in some of his previous tracks. Tesfaye includes several references to his love for cars, bragging that his “P1 cleaner than your church shoes.” The McLaren P1 is the $1.2 million dollar car gifted to Tesfaye after his post-grammy celebration, which is certainly something that could provide as a distraction to his problems with women. Beauty Behind the Madness’ dramatically composed “Real Life” begins with Tesfaye’s claim that he “wasn’t meant for lovin,'” attributing to a common theme among The Weeknd’s music.

A definite change from the upbeat, bass-centered hit “Can’t Feel My Face” and from other darker tracks on Beauty Behind the Madness and previous albums, “Starboy” has excited fans and listeners as to what Tesfaye’s new sound and facade will bring to his new album.