Devastation hit worldwide when One Direction commenced their “hiatus,” earlier this year. Peace was restored last week when blonde bandmate Niall Horan ­released his first solo single.

“This Town” captures the essence of heartbreak and is great for those moments where you need to tap into your expired teen angst.

Horan’s vocals are light and sweet but powerful enough to keep the emphasis on the lyrics. The acoustic chords aren’t too complicated, but it compliments the simplicity of the overall sound.

Although “This Town” is only the first taste, it seems as if Horan is pursuing a folksier sound for his first album sans One Direction. However, it also has a resemblance to fellow-Irish band, Kodaline in the way that both artists use a lot of acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics.

Horan’s live version is just as chilling as the recorded version. In this black and white video found from Horan’s twitter, the song hits you in the feels 10 times harder because it is without color.

Ignoring the facts that Horan was in a boy-band and gained success from a talent competition show, “This Town” is worth a listen, or many. And with the miserable Syracuse weather approaching, you’ll want Niall Horan’s sad lyrics and comforting voice to let you know that he gets it.