The first concert goers to arrive sprinted to main stage vying to get front row spots to their favorite artist. The sun was shining and the crowd bustling as water trucks were giving out water faster than they could fill up the glasses. It was time for Syracuse University’s 2016 Juice Jam.

The first artist that day was singer-songwriter LOLO. She and her accompaniments brought the perfect amount of energy for the first performance of the day with her song “Not Gonna Let You Walk Away.” LOLO herself was lively and personable on stage, even casually talking to the concert goers as she performed. The next couple of songs, including the electrifying “Hear It from A Friend,” showed off her emotional performance style. Her live performances gave a whole new light to her songs.

Next up on stage was the multi-instrumentalist, Stephen. The sound of choir chants looped endlessly as he made his entrance onstage. He immediately started his act; he played guitar, hammered out beats, and worked synths on the powerful song was called “Crossfire.” He continued on to play “Fly Down,” which mixed his wonderful pop-like vocals with lush synth work and deep bass. As the song evolved, he suddenly called out to the crowd to dance along with him. When the song dropped, he danced sporadically, giving a new meaning to live performance.

The first main stage performer was electronic music producer, Marshmello. His quick mixing moved the audience through songs swiftly, making sure we were never stuck on a song for too long. He played an eclectic mix of both his own material and other artists — the likes of Jack U, Skrillex, Migos, Flume, and more were featured. From “Closer” by The Chainsmokers to “Shabba” by A$AP Ferg, Marshmello had music that anybody could dance to.

We return back to the side stage with rapper, D.R.A.M. He started off his performance with his newest single, “Cash Machine.” (Check out our review of it here.) He played his break-out single featuring Lil Yatchy, “Broccoli.” His performance was full of energy and his frank personality. His closing two songs were the most involved with him hopping off the stage and interacting with the crowd. He finished his entire performance with the infinitely catchy, “Cha Cha.”

Tove Lo was the next, and sadly last, main stage performer. She showed off her usual powerful singing on “Talking Bodies.” She was an expressive and powerful performer on stage showing the emotion in every one of her lyrics. She also sang possibly one of the chillest electronic pop songs of the year, “Say It,” produced by Flume. Without a doubt, her performance was something to see and hear.

Sadly, Fetty Wap was not able to arrive at Juice Jam and was not able to perform. However, it is not the fault of either Fetty Wap or University Union. Even without him, it was a very successful and eventful Juice Jam that people will surely have stories to talk about for months to come.