SU students piled into Schine Underground on Wednesday to get their shuffle on to DJs Sam Feldt and Hotel Garuda.

Hotel Garuda began the show before the crowd really formed, producing beats and remixes in the realm of deep and future house. Because of the somewhat empty venue at the time Hotel Garuda started, there was a limited number of voices and bodies to stop the echoing of the sound, and the prominent use of bass in his beats did not help. However as the crowd became more and more ~lit~ Hotel Garuda was able to develop into his sound so that every part became balanced.

Although only one member of the duo was there, Hotel Garuda usually consists of two friends from Indonesia — Manilla Killa and Candle Weather. It was Candle Weather who put on the opener show for the ‘Cuse students. The DJ had minimal interaction with the audience throughout his set, enveloped in the sounds he was making, until the end when he held his index finger up in the air, teasing that he only was going to play one more song but in reality, he gave us two.  Highlights of his 45 minute set included a remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” and a crowd favorite, “Lose (Steady with the Crew)” by Travis Scott.

Candle Weather of Hotel Garuda at Schine Underground | photo by Gavin Liddell

There was only a roughly 10 minute break between Hotel Garuda and Sam Feldt and before Feldt got onstage to the sounds of tweeting birds and fairy-tale like classical music to get the audience hyped up. These bird chirps eventually transitioned into Feldt’s signature tropical house sound and the venue seemed to be transformed into a beachfront.

Instantly, Feldt was more interactive with his audience than Hotel Garuda, passionately lip syncing the lyrics to every song he played, encouraging the crowd to clap and jump along, and shooting the sky with finger-guns as he pumped his arms.

The clean shaven, tattoo-less DJ comes from the Netherlands, and was dressed in black from head to toe. He sipped on something red throughout the show — cranberry vodka? — and anytime he finished someone would automatically refill it for him. Besides the light-up shoes from the ravers doing the shuffle on the dance floor, not many light effects at all were in use for the duration of the show.

Feldt began his set with his original, “Show me Love” and remixed songs like “Emergency” by Icona Pop and Aviici’s “Waiting for Love” in the beginning of his set. Of course to all of these songs Feldt added his tropical twist, with keyboard-like staccato sounds creating a bouncy feel. He then switched it up when he played Technotronic’s party favorite, “Pump up the Jam.”

Hands when up instantly when Feldt played his version of “Rhythm of the Night” and they stayed there when he went into Major Lazor’s “Lean On.” The crowd was eager when a heavy cowbell vibrated the room, creating the beat for “Prayer In C” which Feldt then mixed with Steve Aoki’s “Intoxicated.”

Sam Feldt at Schine Underground | photo by Gavin Liddell

Sam Feldt at Schine Underground | photo by Gavin Liddell

For the last thirty minutes of the set, the audience thought that the set was going to end after each song because Feldt would clasp his hands together and bow in thanks or wave to the audience. But after these gestures he would always start up a new song and the crowd would go wild. After Empire of the Sun’s “Alive” passed, along with Bastille’s “Good Grief” and Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Feldt finally grabbed the mic and walked in front of his DJ board, thanking the crowd.

“Who wants to hear my brand new song, Runaway?” Feldt rhetorically asked his fans. “Runaway” was released just last week and but it did not stop the crowd from jumping right in on Feldt’s cue. The hour and a half set then ended with Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” which then merged with a sick deep house beat Feldt generated himself that everyone began getting down to.

Feldt immediately took pictures with his fans after his performance, and accepted a few invitations to go to Faegan’s Pub after the show — although he struggled pronouncing the name of the bar, and never ended up showing.