With Election Day quickly approaching, some of us are still figuring out if Clinton, Trump or any third-party candidate is the one. Although there’s a little over a week until it’s time to pick, some musicians already have very strong opinions on who shouldn’t be president.

30 Days, 30 Songs – now 30 Days, 42 Songs – is an independent website that releases one song per day starting October 10 until Election Day. This specific page is dedicated to speaking out against Trump’s campaign by releasing songs of protest by various artists. The site also supports Clinton, and the creators previously made 90 Days, 90 Reasons to motivate voters to elect Obama for a second term.

On the site, there is a section to allow readers and listeners to become a registered voter. There are also “notes” to Bernie Sanders supporters, environmentalists, feminists who don’t support Clinton and more.

The playlist “written and recorded by artists for a Trump-free America” is available on Spotify and the interactive page on 30days30songs.com.


Day 1: “Million Dollar Loan” – Death Cab for Cutie


Day 2: “Can’t You Tell?” – Aimee Mann


Day 3: “With Love from Russia” – Bhi Bhiman


Day 4: “Same Old Lie” – Jim James


Day 5: “Demagogue” – Franz Ferdinand


Day 6: “The Temptation of Adam” (live) – Josh Ritter


Day 7: “Before You Vote” – Thao


Day 8: “Are These My Jets” – EL VY


Day 9: “World Leader Pretend” (live) – R.E.M.


Day 10: “DonaldTrumpMakesMeWannaSmokeCrack” (remix) – Ledinsky


Day 11: “Backwards Blues” – Adia Victoria


Day 12: “Trump Is on Your Side” – Moby and the Homeland Choir


Day 13: “Little Failure” – Moby and the Void Pacific Choir


Day 14: “The Demagogue” – Lila Downs


Day 15: “Old Man Trump” – U.S. Elevator feat. Mac McCaughan and Tim Bluhm


Day 16: “Writings on Disobedience and Democracy” – Vinnie Paz


Day 17: “The Greatest Conversation Ever in the History of the Universe” – Jesu/Sun Kil Moon


Day 18: “Despierta” – Filthy Friends


Day 19: “Natural Born Loser” – Radioinactive feat. Sheila Brody


Day 20: “Makin’ It Great Again.!” – Andrew St. James


Day 21: “Play God” (live) – Ani DiFranco


Day 22: “Young, Latin and Proud” – Helado Negro


Day 23: “Sic of Elephants” (live) – Andrew Bird feat. Jim James


Day 24: “No Guns No Guns” – Mirah


Day 25: “Fat Fingers” – clipping.


Day 26: “Clockwork” – Sam Cohen


Day 27: “Little Situation” – Blake Hazard


Day 28: “Mr. Tangerine Man” (live) – Wesley Stace


Day 29: “I Had a Dream” (live) – Loudon Wainwright III


Don’t forget to vote this Tuesday, November 8th!