Natalia Fisher has been working her ass off the past year by making music and co-writing songs like Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” and Madonna’s “Holy Water.” Now, she’s finally relaunched herself under the new name Teddy Sinclair in her new girl band, Cruel Youth.

A troubled child who ran away from home at the age of 14, Sinclair has been writing songs since she was young that have expressed her affliction with duality in her personality and her life circumstances. Through constant stage name changes and playing around with different elements of electropop, Sinclair has finally crafted her sound.

Alongside husband Willy Moon, Sinclair created the three-part girl group in early 2016 releasing the single Mr. Watson on Soundcloud. The band consists of Sinclair’s sultry voice, reminiscent of a young Amy Winehouse and a hint of Lana del Rey, played over heartsick lullaby beats. Compared to other songs like “Trouble” and “Free and Mirrors,” which were on their debut EP, +30MG, Sinclair guides Cruel Youth into the dark corners of the human mind with lyrics acknowledging drug abuse, infidelity, and calamity of the self. The band has so much potential to explore the under charted grounds of smoky neo soul electropop.

Under a fresh aspiring band, Moon and Sinclair both have the opportunity to redeem themselves after last year’s fiasco on the New Zealand X Factor, where they bullied and accused contestant Joe Irvine for dressing and singing similarly to that of Moon and his songs. Both were fired and faced significant international backlash, leaving the married couple to later issue a public apology. However, this left ample time for Sinclair to hit the studio and work on the EP.

After dropping Cherrytree Records, Sinclair stayed with Interscope and honed in on her lyrical skills. And it’s paying off!  Check out Cruel Youth’s recently released singles, “Mr. Watson”, “Diamond Days” andI Don’t Love You,” and dive deep into the twisted world of Teddy Sinclair: distressed relationships mixed with surface-level affairs that help her escape the threat of reality.