Some of us still are still hurting over Fetty Wap’s absence from Juice Jam in September, but it has quickly become old news with University Union’s announcement of Rock The Dome, a concert featuring The 1975, Oh Wonder, and 070 Shake that will be going down in on Friday, November 4th. The concert is just around the corner and we’ve got some high expectations.

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the acts, don’t worry, we’ve got the Sparknotes version for you.

// THE 1975 // Members: Matty Healy, Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann and George Daniel

The 1975 is an alternative rock band that originated in Winslow, Cheshire back in 2002. They debuted with their EP “Facedown” in August 2012 featuring the songs, “Facedown,” “The City,” “Antichrist,” and “Woman.” The band gained traction in 2013 when their first full album dropped including crowd favorites, “Chocolate” and “Girls.” It is rumored that this album was actually written as a hypothetical soundtrack to a John Hughes movie centered around their lives, adolescence, and of course, rock n’ roll. Now the question remains – Is Matt Healy more Bender or more Ducky?

They hit the charts again in 2016 with their sophomore album, “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.” If this album title has you thinking of a song title from Fall Out Boy’s “From Under The Cork Tree” meeting a One Direction song, you’re in the right place. The band’s sound evolved but their second album still has the ambition of the first – to keep the fans engaged, on their toes, and still associating with the band’s classic alternative/indie rock persona. The 1975 has seamlessly mingled Healy’s raw voice with rhythmic bass drops and hauntingly beautiful background music. On the flip-side, songs like UGH! and The Sound harbor the same upbeat atmosphere that Girls did on their first album. Nostalgic feels will definitely run high among the Day 1 fans on Friday, but there’s always room for the newbies to experience the startlingly stunning phenomena that is The 1975, alongside the OG fans. 

Here are three songs to know in order in case of a crowd sing-along: 

  1. Chocolate
  2. Girls
  3. The Sound



// Oh Wonder // Members: Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West

Also originating from the other side of the pond, Oh Wonder utilizes more mellow rhythms throughout their unique soundtrack. They have indie-rock tracks with smooth lyrics that can be perfect background mixes for study sessions—their most well-known track, “Drive,” is a good example of this— but they also make electropop tracks such as “Technicolor Beat. You may have heard some of these on the first season of MTV’s Scream or on Connor Franta’s Common Culture Volume 3 (and you’ll surely hear them in more things to come).

The writing duo teased the album by releasing one song per month for a year and finally dropped their self-titled album in September 2015. In a way, they nurtured their fans – keeping them in suspense with the monthly releases, featuring on soundtracks, and Spotify sessions – without letting them go hungry. Oh Wonder has redefined engaging with their fans by going past just social media interaction and asking the crowd to sing along at shows. The two members have a blog dedicated to the conversations they’ve had with fans, focused on the fans’ lives, experiences, aspirations, and even advice that they can provide to others.

So, on the off chance you don’t vibe with their sound, it’s easy to appreciate the sheer good people they seem to be.

To be well-equipped for the show, here are their biggest hits:

  1. Drive
  2. Technicolor Beat
  3. Lose It

// 070 Shake //

You can say what you want about New Jersey, but Frank Sinatra, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston,  Bruce Springsteen, the Jonas Brothers, and Halsey are prime examples of why you should have some faith in the garden state. And to add another character to the playwright of well-recognized musicians from Jersey? Enter rising star, 070 Shake.

Her husky voice paired with gritty trap beats have reinvigorated the underground hip-pop/rap scene in North Jersey. 070 Shake’s performances have expanded to the tri-state and will be making its way up North in the coming weeks. What’s so exciting about having 070 Shake come to Syracuse is that she’s so fresh in the scene that is seems like our little secret. But without a doubt, our secret will be short-lived as her music, like any good artist, fits different settings. You can bump to “Bass for my Thoughts” in the car, “Honey” at a party, or even “Trust Nobody” when you’re fighting with the punching bag at the gym.

She is inspired by Kanye West and Travis Scott, and the similarities in their music is definitely present. However, although 070 Shake has done a phenomenal job at lining along the current trends in the music industry, she has most definitely not lost any individuality in her tracks along the way.

070 refers to Matt Healy as the “freshest rockstar” she knows.


And the admiration is mutual.

Shake merch is here! @trumanblack

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Get familiar with her sound:

  1. Sunday Night
  2. Trust Nobody
  3. Bass For My Thoughts