Jade Bird’s been all over the world in her short life so far. The British teen, because of her military family background, has lived in South Wales, Germany and Chesterfield. Throughout the travel, though, the thing that’s been the same everywhere has been the strong women to look up to. At first, those women were her family members. But then, as her interests began to branch out, it was the musicians she looked up to — Loretta Lynn, Patti Smith, Alannis Morisette to name a few.

Now, with her debut EP Something American out last week, she has transformed those influences into something her own. The five-track EP shifts through a wide range of sounds that each bring out the best in Bird’s even wider-ranging vocals.

The title track, a personal favorite of mine, introduces Bird at a slower pace. Her folkiest number on the EP lures the listener in. Then, “Good Woman” flips the mood with a more country-rock tune that borders on a badass lo-fi line. The biggest draw, at least for me, on “Cathedral” is the effect of pairing strings with Bird’s soaring chorus. “Grinnin’ in Your Face” strips away the distraction of a drum set and shines a brighter light on the soul Bird can emit. And, lastly, “What I Am Here For” will lull the listener to a peaceful sleep. Overall, it’s clear that the force behind Bird’s debut, and what will likely bring her name to your ears again soon, is the powerful punch she packs with her voice. The woman can sing.

Listen to the EP’s title track below. It’s a good one.