Remember that viral video in which a woman cried for 15 minutes while dissecting the lyrics to Vince Staples’ “Norf Norf”? Let’s hope she never gets wind of this summer’s latest heater, A-Trak‘s “Believe.”

Sonically, she’d have nothing to dislike about the new single. A-Trak is a sure bet for a crisp beat and he supplies one here as expected. Features from two big names in Quavo, whose flow is rivaled by few right now, and chorus-master Lil Yachty give the track a stacked crew. The trio came together during hang out sessions at Atlanta’s Quality Control Studios to produce a catchy tune.

But listen to the words, and, wow. Poetic stuff. Let’s take a look at the chorus:

I believe in you
They told you you can’t show them folks, you do
Every b*tch in the world posts us in their room
But I f*ck with lil’ shorty ’cause she vacuum
Suck me in the living room

It starts off sweet. Way to be supportive. Then things get … romantic. If that’s what you’re looking for in a summer tune, this is the one for you. We still think this song should be called “Vacuum,” though, mainly for SEO reasons but also just to avoid misleading listeners.

Give “Believe” a listen below, and tell everyone except “Norf Norf” lady to do the same.