All week long we’ve gotten you amped for Cayuga Sound, a musical festival hosted by Ithaca natives X Ambassadors in their hometown. It’s on Saturday. We’ll be there. Hopefully, you will be there, too. But, for a quick moment, we’d like to divert your attention from tomorrow’s festivities and point your focus toward the past.

Two years ago, X Ambassadors came to Syracuse for University Union’s Bandersnatch Concert Series in Schine Underground. At the time, the band was years into existence but relative babies when it came to the mainstream success they’ve built upon in the time since. “Renegades” was everywhere. Their debut album had finally dropped that summer after a few smaller releases. The sense that they were on the verge of making it big-time was creeping up fast.

I wrote about their coming to SU, and it sure is funny to look back at how the band (and my writing style, but that’s not important) have changed since. See for yourself here.

The concert was sweet. I got there before doors opened to earn a spot on the barrier and looking back can’t believe I put in that kind of effort. X Ambassadors rocked out for a small crowd of a couple hundred people, a number that will be insane to recall when seeing them perform for a sea of people on Saturday. If my memory serves me right, Harris played an acoustic rendition of Rihanna’s “American Oxygen,” a song he actually wrote. Here’s a photo for as much proof as a still image can provide in this situation.

Now, back to the current day. Hosting your own festival and tagging The Roots to co-headline with you is pretty impressive no matter how you look at it. And considering how quickly an achievement of that magnitude has come for X Ambassadors, it’s almost kind of ridiculous.