snny’s debut EP Learning to Swim proves the 26-year-old is no stranger to great sound. The Ivory Coast native Sonny Shotz, who got his start in the group King’s Dead (formerly known as The Dean’s List), went solo after their 2014 breakup.

After two more solo projects in 2014, Shotz went silent. Three years later, he’s made his return as snny — with a six track EP that’s just as bright and unique as his new namesake.

Similar to snny’s previous work, Learning to Swim mixes retro hip-hop and indie rock with a tinge of calypso, drawing upon influences from his heritage. “MTG” and “Young Boy” are perfect openers to the EP, featuring springy beats and 80s-style synth that’s not all cheesy or clichéd.

The track “Arizona” is a subtle standout. While it may not be the most upbeat song on Learning to Swim, it provides a chill oasis from the rest of the EP, making it the perfect end-of-summer tune. snny’s rap in “Arizona,” which sounds more like spoken word, describes the state’s desert landscape and juxtaposes it with snny’s more desolate reality.

Listen to “Arizona” below.

You can check out to Learning to Swim on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more.