Superorganism is the Brady Bunch of bands. It all began when a high school student from Maine named Orono Noguchi discovered The Eversons, a band consisting of Christopher Young (Harry), Mark Turner (Emily), Tim Shann (Tucan), and Blair Everson (Robert Strange), while she was on YouTube. After meeting The Eversons while she was on a summer trip in Japan, Orono became friends with the band and kept in touch with the members using Skype.

Orono lent her own lyrics and vocals to a demo that the band had been working on, and after she graduated high school, Orono was invited to join the band now known as Superorganism. With the addition of two singers from New Zealand, Ruby and B, Superorganism had formed their own sort of musical family.

With the band’s huge increase in size, they decided to relocate to London, to a place where they could not only live together, but also create their music. The eight members of Superorganism make their music by sending pieces back and forth, from room to room in their London home. The house acts as a sort of music factory, with each member getting their hands on a song, adding their own tweaks, and passing it off to the next. What makes these songs so versatile is that although they rely heavily on a synth and electric guitar, they can also be played live beautifully with the help of rhythmic hand clapping and all eight voices. In live videos, the group is all sitting on the floor, bumping the ground, cracking open soda cans, and biting apples to recreate layers of the instrumental.

Superorganism’s five new singles are really a piece of art. Their poetic lyrics and complex instrumentals, combined with some rad videos, are giving Superorganism a lot of buzz. Here’s a breakdown of their first five songs, and some things to think about while you listen to them:

  1. “It’s All Good”

This song is a reminder that you are in control of how you feel. Think strong. Though the world can be heavy, as we well know, this song urges us to remember: it’s all good. A must-add to your good vibes playlist.

The video: a true sensory overload full of changing images and seemingly home videos, like a bowl of Froot Loops being eaten. And if that’s not enough to keep you entertained, don’t worry. There are lots of talking animals and flying whales.

  1. “Nobody Cares”

This will definitely put some pep in your step as you walk down the promenade to your 9:30 class. Add to your playlist to remind yourself who you truly are: A bad ass.

The video: a camera follows a person in a raincoat down a dirt path, only for them to turn around and reveal that their face is the same scene of the same person in the same raincoat walking down the same path. The camera zooms in until the scene takes over the frame again. Consider your mind warned.

  1. “Something For Your M.I.N.D”

This is Superorganism’s first song, originally taken down due to unclear sampling (the chorus samples the opening line of “The Realm” by C’hantal). “Something For Your M.I.N.D” has lyrics of a breakup song delivered in the same stoic tone as Superorganism’s other songs over bumping instrumental. Add this to a relaxing, but more upbeat playlist.

The video: Flying lips, a whale shooting bananas at Technicolor broccoli, and scenes of skiers. Nature shots are layered on top of one another and dissolve into the next. There are even a few shots of Soul, the band’s background singer who lives in Sydney.

  1. “Everybody Wants To Be Famous”

The song’s simple and repetitive lyrics are accompanied by a video that tells a story. This is another great pump up song that will make you feel like everyone knows your name.

The video: shows a band becoming famous via the Internet, which mirrors the actual story of how Superorganism started. Orono walks through Technicolor and fast moving scenes as she responds to comments on her video and a growing fan base. In the end, she loses her fans after getting sponsored by a soda company and turns into a ton of shrimp. “Everybody Wants To Be Famous” is an ode to the sellouts.

  1. “Reflections On The Screen”

Though Orono’s voice is still distinct with its stable tone, this is by far the most sing-songy of the five singles. The lyrics are relatable for all those who are guilty of a little cyber stalking post breakup… so all of us, right? This track is a chill pop song that’s perfect for studying.

The video: Orono’s face is on a computer screen wearing 3-D glasses, and iPhones continuously scroll across the screen. On their screens are color-saturated images of a woman, while behind the scrolling phones, an open window looks out onto a street. It’s an artistic video that makes you think a little bit more about how much technology dictates our lives.

There you have your first Superorganism run down, with five new songs and thought provoking music videos to add to your repertoire. Keep a look out for their first album, Superorganism, which will be released on March 2.