Pond begins with soothing synthesizers serving as a calm before the storm and an open invitation to a journey through sound. A sense of calmness is quickly disrupted by eclectic drum patterns featuring smashing high hats and bass drums, representing ripples in a once still pond. Through a plethora of instruments ranging from catchy flute melodies to dancing crystal bells, Lake Len finds harmony through this fusion of sounds. In songs such as “110,” featuring dichotomous synthesizers and horns, held together by infectious drum rhythms, Len creates musical explosions that challenge conventional “drops” in modern electronic music.


            With Pond, Len defies genre and stretches the capabilities of music production, reminiscent of early Daft Punk. Exemplifying the infinite possibilities of sound, he creates an electronic symphony with his fingertips. In this project, Len establishes a peaceful universe, disrupts that creation then bring harmony and peace again ending his final track “Scroll” with a beautiful eerie film noir-esque sample.


            With Pond Len sets the stage for many projects to come, solidifying a distinct sound immediately recognizable to any fan. Len will continue to challenge conventional structure of music categorization to create beautiful music now and for many years to come.