This year, OMG opened their new venue: 900 Club. It’s a funky spot marked with neon spray paint, a flashy disco ball, numerous black lights, and trendy tapestries. Legendary “Walk On the Wild Side” artist Lou Reed used to walk the floors of the space years ago. OMG promotes student artists as well as touring artists from Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., and more.

Above the Din (ATD) and Life After Parties rocked the 900 Club earlier this year, and concert-goers are still talking about the show! Above the Din is a Boston-based group that wanted to tap into Syracuse’s audience as their manager is a ‘Cuse alum. They won the SPH Band Contest just before the show and they brought their killer energy to Syracuse. If you’re curious, Above the Din means “transcend the noise.” And they surely did.

The new bass player’s tiny bass amp seemed completely unassuming before the band took the stage. But once it turned on, the basement shook and didn’t stop until the end of the performance. It was awesome. The band’s sound is grungy, edgy, and quite powerful for just three musicians. One couldn’t help but bang their head in time during each tune. The energy was palpable in the room. The vocals were raw and riddled with passion; they commanded everyone’s attention. The drummer skillfully kept the tempo driving with rocking beats. Their writing incorporates many guitar riffs/solos which is unfortunately an element lost in a lot of popular writing today.

The band gave it their all and are definitely a must-see if you’re in the Boston area. Be sure to check them out! And the 900 Club is having more shows before the end of the semester so be sure to stop by!