Every September, Juice Jam finally comes around to the joy of Syracuse students. For some, it’s a fun outdoors music festival where you can hear your favorite artists play and engage in fun activities, such as rock climbing and silent disco. For most though, it’s a day for getting absolutely hammered before noon. I (unfortunately) am a part of that majority. I did, at least, make it to Juice Jam though, which can’t be said for many. So this is my day at Juice Jam, by the hour (proud of me for remembering this much)! 

10 AM: Rise and grind baby, it’s JJ time! I, like 90% of the girls attending, wear a denim skirt. Girls sometimes really go out for Juice Jam: body glitter, space buns, fanny packs, the works. Almost every guy wears a slightly different version of the same sports jersey.  

11:30 AM: Who doesn’t love taking shots before breakfast? Yes, Juice Jam starts at 12:45. No, we will not be arriving on time.  

1 PM: The only thing better than the pregame: the second pregame with your South Campus friends.  

2 PM: Finally at the main event…. and I instantly regret it. It is ridiculously hot, like an ungodly, desert-style type of heat. Isn’t this Syracuse, one of the coldest, snowiest places in the country? I shouldn’t be suffering like this.   

2:30 PM: Anne-Marie is on, and everyone’s having a good time. The best thing about Juice Jam is that everyone is so drunk that no one notices my horrible, off rhythm dancing.  

3 PM: Hiding in the tiniest sliver of shade with about 15 other people. The sun is really giving her all today. 

3:20 PM: Playboi Carti starts with his set with VERY realistic gunshot noises and a stage backdrop that says “It Ends Here.” More murder-y of a Juice Jam set than usual? I’m still a little traumatized from it if I’m being honest.  

3:30: Carti is repeating “Mosh Pit,” and I’m genuinely confused. Moshing? Am I at Warped Tour?  

3:50: I feel uncultured. The only song I know is Magnolia 🙁 

4:30 PM: A$AP Ferg finally comes on, and everyone is really hype. Even I am, which is saying a lot because I only knew one song. He played crowd favorites like “Shabba” and “Yamborghini High.”  

5 PM: Sun – 3, Me – 0. My friends and I decide to call it a day because we’re all sunned out. I didn’t even get to hear Plain Jane! 

5:20 PM – 8PM: True bliss is the post-Juice Jam nap.  

All in all, Juice Jam was truly a time. I was on the verge of passing out (due to multiple reasons) the whole time, but it was still an experience I’ll probably never forget.