The #MeToo movement has blown up among the entertainment and music industry following sexual assault allegations against many producers and directors, seen in the accusations against R. Kelly and Kesha’s trial against Dr. Luke. And Hollywood isn’t the only focus. Now much attention has been on Washington D.C after Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanagh, who is now confirmed (unfortunately), after he was accused of sexual assault and Christine Blasey Ford went on trial against him. All these situations have led to a flood of online support from all over the country, from regular civilians to celebrities themselves. Lady Gaga pronounced support for Ford when she went on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” saying that it is “heartbreaking” for people to discredit and mock Kavanagh’s accuser when she “was brave enough to share it with the world to protect this country”.

Another strong supporter of Ford was Phil Lesh, one of the founding members of the Grateful Dead, who he played bass for 30 years with. After playing with the Dead, he started his side project, Phil Lesh and Friends. Lesh has shown to be an avid activist for political and social causes, beginning when he and his wife Jill started a charity called Unbroken Chain, named after one of the few Grateful Dead songs he sings in, to support communities in the arts, music and environment. In the beginning of the year, Lesh hosted a candlelight vigil with other gun control activists in remembrance of the Parkland school shooting. Earlier this month, he performed at a concert for HeadCount, a nonprofit organization for voter registration and participation in democracy. And even more recently, Lesh has donated $10,000 to Christine Blasey Ford. He made the donation to the GoFundMe for Ford and her family on September 23, but it wasn’t until the day she testified that people noticed his contribution. A representative of his confirmed the donation, but Lesh hasn’t made a comment about it yet. The fund now has $528,314 and has been closed. Phil Lesh has shown to be more than just grateful, but also generous, through this actions and support that are much needed in the current time and climate of our country.