Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

My biggest inspiration are Taylor Swift because shes a brilliant songwriter, and Haley because of her diverse and authentic character.


When did you first decide to pursue music?

Throughout my life, I was a super competitive soccer player. I played for the Olympic Development Team for a few years and thought that soccer was going to be my life. I had always loved music and loved singing, but I never thought it would possible to have an actual career doing music since there is so much competition. My junior year of high school I was diagnosed with a vocal cord dysfunction, which forced me to stop soccer. I couldnt run more than 5 minutes without my throat closing up, kind of like asthma.

Because of this, I picked up music since I had so much free time. I realized that I had been missing out on something that gave me more joy than anything. I started writing dozens of songs senior year of high school, and I decided to apply to the Bandier Program at Syracuse and take my music seriously. Since then, I have developed an incredible career and team, and I havent once looked back. Being forced to stop soccer showed me that I had a burning passion that I finally got to pursue.


What has been your biggest gig so far?

My biggest gig was probably EDC Orlando. I have also played Hard Summer and Countdown NYE, bur EDC was the biggest deal to me. I had wanted to go to EDC as a concertgoer for a long time, and then there I was, singing at it. My manager and I got to be backstage the whole time, meeting artists and networking with other producers which was very helpful. Though I just sang one song, performing on that stage in front of that many people was so surreal and such a blast.


Would you like to be signed to a label one day, or do you plan to stay independent?

I would sign with a label if I trusted them and knew they had my best interest in mind. So many labels can be sketchy and screw you over. Especially for a new artist like me, I dont have much leverage so its more difficult to get a solid deal. Being independent is working so far, but labels do have a magic way of getting millions of people to listen to your stuff.


Who do you admire the most in the music industry right now?

Probably Billie Eilish. She is so young and so talented and different and weird and shes such a sensation. Shes an incredible songwriter and stands out more than any artist I know.